Health in Latvia 1991-2004: Years of conflicting values. Supplement 1 / 2005



The cover of this book depicts a national icon. The monument of freedom in central Riga, erected 1935, with the sculpture on the top of a beautiful girl nicknamed Milda, has served as an... Les mer »

Øivind Larsen


On the chilly evening of January 20, 2001, scattered snowflakes were flying around in the air and cold winds penetrated even warm clothing. The glow of a bonfire outside the parliament building in... Les mer »

Øivind Larsen

Through the traveller’s eyes

There were no road signs on the spot where we had come to a halt with our car. Les mer »

Øivind Larsen

Social changes and health – what is it about?

I learnt a lot about social change that summer day in 1993 south of Riga. A small placard on a billboard advertised a museum of agriculture. It was obviously located in a district down by the... Les mer »

Guntis Kilkuts

Soviet time health and health care in Latvia

In 1979 after graduating from high-school, I had to make a choice, how should I go on? In school, biology teaching was interesting, we were injecting oranges, studying big back flies, experimenting... Les mer »

Guntis Kilkuts

What happened to Latvian health care 1991–2004?

Around 1991, something special occurred in Latvian hospitals. People at the top of the management started to think in another way than they had done before. They started to count money. And it was... Les mer »

Øivind Larsen

Changing the basics

Aadne Aasland, Director of the so called NORBALT project, did not conceal a certain pride when he wrote the introductory chapter to the book he had edited on social transformation in Latvia Aasland... Les mer »

Guntis Kilkuts and Øivind Larsen

Latvian health

In a way, the diagram on tuberculosis incidence 1985–2003 See also Siem 2004. summarizes the whole story about Latvian health in the years of transition: Two simultaneous developments have... Les mer »

Øivind Larsen

The food market metaphor

The majority of cities have food markets; places to buy necessities for the day, where regular shops are mixed up with producers coming in from the countryside or the harbour, offering their harvests... Les mer »

Guntis Kilkuts

Being a doctor in Latvia in the transition period

Around me the world changed. Not from day to day, but at least from month to month. In 1993 the old currency unit the Lat had been reintroduced on Latvian soil as an undisputed proof that times were... Les mer »

Øivind Larsen and Guntis Kilkuts

Supervising foreign students in Latvia

When the first group of Norwegian medical students heading for their mandatory practice period landed in the Riga airport with the SAS flight from Stockholm on a September day in 1995, marked the end... Les mer »

Øivind Larsen

Sources, interpretation and implementation

– The photographs have to be printed in full colour! Les mer »

Guntis Kilkuts and Øivind Larsen

Conclusions: What did we learn about social change and health?

Through our own medical and teaching work, our own observations of the Latvian society, the information collected by our student groups, our own research projects and by participating in the Task... Les mer »


Student reports from Latvia

Ancher-Olsen E, Haug LS, Hognestad A, Larsen ASF. Latvia fra et sosialistisk til et kapitalistisk helsevesen – primærhelsetjenesten i en overgangsfase. Student report, Institute of... Les mer »


Students’ training programme

The students in the 16th term of their medical curriculum were away from their regular studies at the Institute for general practice and community medicine, University of Oslo for four weeks, taking... Les mer »


References and suggestions for further reading The search for background literature was in this case a little difficult. Many people have experienced the changes in Latvia in different fields and in... Les mer »


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